Are Meadowlark Kestrels shielded?

I can't seem to find any info on magnetic shielding of the Kestrels. I need to place my speakers relatively close to my RPTV so this is important.

I looked in my manual and no mention was made. I have been using my Kestrals close to my T.V. with no problem. As a matter fact, I just moved them right up to the screen (4-6") no effect. Meadowlark makes a matching center channel now, so I would assume Kestrals are shielded.
Moving the Kestrels within about a foot of the screen caused discoloration on my direct-view TV, so it's my impression that the Kestrels are NOT shielded. YMMV (your magnets may vary). The Vireos and the Petrel are for sure, though.