Are Meadowlark Kestrels shielded?

I can't seem to find any info on magnetic shielding of the Kestrels. I need to place my speakers relatively close to my RPTV so this is important.

I looked in my manual and no mention was made. I have been using my Kestrals close to my T.V. with no problem. As a matter fact, I just moved them right up to the screen (4-6") no effect. Meadowlark makes a matching center channel now, so I would assume Kestrals are shielded.
Moving the Kestrels within about a foot of the screen caused discoloration on my direct-view TV, so it's my impression that the Kestrels are NOT shielded. YMMV (your magnets may vary). The Vireos and the Petrel are for sure, though.
You mentioned positioning speakers next to your RPTV...if you're using a rear-projection set, then speaker shielding should not be an issue.

To my knowledg, speaker shielding is only necessary to prevent interference with a picture tube. It will not interfere with the "guns" in your RPTV.