are nbs cables neutral?

i own nbs interconnect and i want to upgrade to the monitor serie,but from what i read ,people say that they are colored cable,but from what i hear at home they seem to be quite neutral.
any of you with experience with nbs could help me
thank you
Sherod, you are darned right TG cables are crap as are all cables, but some are less crappy than others....I can only guess you saw little humor in my statement or maybe too much truth for your sensibilities....We cable guys do the best we can, but feel we are just scratching the surface of what is possible and to come....Exciting times.....
Bob, I look forward to any innovations in cable technology that you might be able to offer to the audiophile community.
I have NBS Statement Interconnects and Professional speaker cables (these are from the older line, but at the top) and I think they are exceptionaly neutral. MIT and Transparent have electronics in them, so THEY MUST THROW AWAY some part of the signal and/or add some noise. Think about it: adding more parts CAN NOT add good signal, it can only take away. What part of your signal do you want tossed out? If you have a good front end, good amp, good speakers, and good power, then you want all of your signal. Thats how to get a low noise floor, not by throwing away the high or low end. I can't understand why people with great gear buy wires that throw away parts of their signal!!!
Sherod, it takes years of fiddling with things to come up with meaningful improvements as cable design is primarily by ear and not by measurement....Finally found someone who would make higher purity silver starting with 99.99 silver cooked in a nitrogen atmosphere for days....That experiment turned out just great, but expensive....Had some speaker wire cryoed and it absolutely destroyed the wire so that experiment went awry.....No much new out there, but very few make products I would own and can only guess my priorities are very different than most of the cable guys.....I build cables to please myself and if they sell that is fine and if not that is OK as well.....