are new Blue Note records really Blue Notes ?

I've heard rumours about the new reissues of Blue Note records - that the cheaper ones ( going for $10 to $13 a pop ) are in fact not legitimate Blue Note records. the name 'Scorpio' has been tossed around. - is this an unfounded rumour or have you guys heard similar accusations floating around. It kind of makes me wonder. thoughts, opinions?
I bought Lou Donaldson "Aligator Bogaloo" and it sounds really good. Going to buy more of these reissues for that reason and the originals never show up for sale (in a record store).
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Interesting. A decade ago i purchased a Jackie McClain re issue and had to return it three times because they were warped. I finaly just returned it for my money and what a hassle from the vendor. Haven't bought one since. Original Blue Notes will set you back,way back.