Are Pass Labs amps good at low volume levels?

I am considering the Pass X250.5/8. Nearly all amps I have tried aside from the Mark Levinson 532H sounds like something is missing at low volume levels. The Levinson manages to sound great and not feel like I'm missing anything other than the bass.

I am considering an upgrade from Levinson to Pass but am curious how it handles low volume listening as it seems many amps require a medium or high volume level to sound their best.

Also a 250.8 owner and consider it outstanding at all volumes with my Maggie's. As someone else said there's nothing mid-fi about Pass products. For their price they can't be beat.
I own a Pass 30.5 and listen at low levels after my wife has gone to bed. It sounds great, but my speakers are fairly efficient.

I realize suggesting anything "in the chain"  other than straight, and elevated wire is heresy on this forum, but you might consider any amp of your choice and this "delicious one" loudness dial for low level sessions.
X350 > Martin Logan Ascent i and F5 > Altec Model 19 owner.

I think his high bias / class A designs sort of idle in the sweet spot so they work very well at low levels and are very capable with quieter music.

And he owns First Watt so obviously he gets it.