Are Preamplifier’s Relevant Today or just a Hinderance with Digital Playback ?

I’m just curious,.I know from past experiences using a well designed preamplifier can and will make a difference however the computer audio crowd say different with the use of HQplayer with volume control including multiple filters and adjustments in OS mode using a preamplifier is blasphemy to some of them .

What’s your take on this subject? 
Thanks in advance.
The overwhelmingm audiophile consensus is still yes to a preamp. In occasional instances where components are perfectly matched it works. But that is rare. There are quite a few folks that have tried it and gone back (stating exactly what Jond said above), a few the were sucessful and stayed with, the vast majority have not tried it as their digital source does not have a volume control.
I have repeatedly researched the topic out of interest as the preamp has been the centerpiece of my systems since the 1970’s. My current Audio Research Reference is a magical component conveying the magic to the amp.
Russ69 I’m not looking for an answer to make my mind up , im very happy with my entire system which includes a preamplifier, I’m just asking ,..
Would never go streaming as I love great sound I have Vinyl(TW AC3 TT with TW 10.5 arm and top mc cartridge) and CD player (Esoteric 03XD) streaming will never even come close.Today young people love easy so streaming will always be in. 
Don't listen to these guys in_shore, you know the truth, digital has re-written the laws of the universe. Digital has turned pre-amps into an irrelevant hindrance. Good catch.