Are Preamplifier’s Relevant Today or just a Hinderance with Digital Playback ?

I’m just curious,.I know from past experiences using a well designed preamplifier can and will make a difference however the computer audio crowd say different with the use of HQplayer with volume control including multiple filters and adjustments in OS mode using a preamplifier is blasphemy to some of them .

What’s your take on this subject? 
Thanks in advance.
Agree with you, but remember the anti-active preamplifier adherents view many (All?) of the positive attributes you listed (Per bigkidz) as colorations. Particularly if "flesh on the bone" or "fuller body/tone" are cited.
I find attitudes toward preamplifiers in general within some computer audio communities heavily one sided against preamplifiers
This is because invariably the DAC is right next to the amp using a very short cable in most cases, and there being several means of controlling the volume. You might also want to keep in mind that such systems don't tend to be high performance. Lacking resolution, this reaction is to be expected. Don't sweat it :)