Are Preamplifier’s Relevant Today or just a Hinderance with Digital Playback ?

I’m just curious,.I know from past experiences using a well designed preamplifier can and will make a difference however the computer audio crowd say different with the use of HQplayer with volume control including multiple filters and adjustments in OS mode using a preamplifier is blasphemy to some of them .

What’s your take on this subject? 
Thanks in advance.
I find attitudes toward preamplifiers in general within some computer audio communities heavily one sided against preamplifiers
This is because invariably the DAC is right next to the amp using a very short cable in most cases, and there being several means of controlling the volume. You might also want to keep in mind that such systems don't tend to be high performance. Lacking resolution, this reaction is to be expected. Don't sweat it :)
Ralph thanks for chiming , I had a mild interest following a topic on another audio site where a member commented he had purchased a new preamplifier or connected up a preamplifier and found he very much preferred the preamplifier over the build in volume of his dac . Last look other members were lining up taking shots at him some suggested what he was actually hearing was nothing more then colorations he just discovered... I just went back to the topic and see every comment and reaction to his post was erased , LOL 
I personally like to run direct, and prefer that sound, from the source, direct. One fellow that I personally admire as I believe him to be quite forward in thought is Bruno Putzey's, in this interview with Darko he talks about pre-amps ~ the 12-13min mark but I think the entire video is worth a watch.
Great thread OP!

Certainly, I think this is somewhat system dependent. Overall though, I like preamps much.  

I have the ability to use my DAC's volume control or run it direct to the preamp.  I prefer using a preamp with it for the same reasons others (who do as well) stated above.