Are Sales Down

I haven't sold any higher priced equipment in more than a couple of years, but recently listed a couple of pieces do to a remodel in the media room. It seems to me sales have slowed down. I've listed a couple of higher priced items on here, and no interest to include very few views. What are others finding? Is this industry wide or should I look at listing elsewhere as well? I have listed on FB marketplace, but haven't had any better luck on there. Thanks for the thoughts and input..


These are just anecdotal responses! Let's have some hard data from Audiogon, USAM, EBay ... that's the only way to tell.

The stock market dropped about 18 months ago and slowly folks have emerged from the pandemic. So, indoors audio, which had skyrocketed during the pandemic has cooled. I am good friends with a dealer… he confirms.


Okay, I'm not a real tech guy and I can't figure out how to respond to specific individuals on here.

Thanks everyone for the info...sales do seem to be slow.

For Curiousjim, I'm selling a Sherbourn PA 7-350 and a Marantz 8802A on here. I also have a Rotel RMB1075, a 150" Elunevision roll down screen, and few odds and ends. For the home theater side of my media room I'm getting away from the separates and just going to a Sony Processor. Reducing the clutter...

Speaking of prices, I note that ATC speaker prices are down significantly, like 25%, according to the latest Absolute Sound loudspeaker issue. Music Direct shows these lower prices as well. Really good price/performance now!

@jasonbourne71 just use the view count on ads for a portion of hard data. I was just talking about this with a friend who has only had 300 views in a month on an ad for an amp. And was recalling the days when there would be 300 views in a short number of days. But maybe that was like 10 years ago…