Are some of us losing our minds over upgrades??

I happened to run across a thread from 2011 regarding upgrading CD players; in particular, a Sony XA5400ES which was in the A- column of Stereophile for a few years. Some member had this model Sony player upgraded by Modwright( not sure if related to the amp and pre-amp company). The upgrade cost $2000, and the AG member claimed it was NOW the best sounding player on the planet.

OK, let me cut to the chase, I have seen adds for used Sony XA5400ES on AG between $1000 to $1200. Original retail was $1499 Call me crazy or a cheapskate, but lets say for argument sake you bought this player for $1100, and had it upgraded by Modwright, you have invested $3100 plus shipping in a CD player that may not necessarily be superior to the Ayre CX7emp which was the player that was being compared to both the pre-upgraded Sony, and of course the post-upgraded Sony. Nevertheless, I don't understand the logic behind such a move. I would like to hear from members that may own an upgraded XA5400ES, or anyone else who wants to provide insight into the upgrade craze. Thanks, Jim
People like what they have but want to make it better rather than change totally. I think its that simple why people do it. If you trust the person doing it, its no crazier than any other crazy thing audiophiles do.
The Sony 5400ES is well recognized by modders as being a mod-friendly design. No problem with that. But, my own 2 cents is that value-oriented, or bang-for-the-buck, modding makes good enough sense to me and certainly has its place. Thing is, the more money you sink into a particular mod, the more of an "all-out-assault" kind of project it begins to become. So I can certainly understand where the OP is comming from. What then is the difference between an all-out-assault mod and an all-out-assault player?? There may still be a few technical differences between them, but, as both an investment and as a promise of return on that investment, at some point the line increasingly begins to blur. For my money spending 'smart' on a given mod may be more important than spending more (but then, isn't that true with just about anything?? ;)
I think it makes more sense to buy used upper end equipment instead of modifying your lower end gear. At least you have a shot at getting all or most of your money back should you decide to sell. I don't see buyers willing to pay for mods on the used market.

A cursory review of Audiogon's listings reveals that hundreds, if not
thousands of audiophiles *are* very concerned about re-sale because they
are trying to "work their way up" to better sounding equipment.
For wise shoppers, buying equipment which holds its value eventually
enables them to afford truly great equipment. The goal for these savvy
consumers is better sound, not just collecting gear.

Be careful about labeling others' comments "silly" on a public
forum or you might end up looking silly yourself.
First of all, those of us who are music lovers and audiophiles HAVE lost our minds; and come to our SENSES! Second, any upgrade I make is an upgrade; otherwise it would be a downgrade. : ) Third, IMHO, only the individiual changing something can make that determination in his own system and room. Fourth - after having owned probably 20 to 25 front-ends (source components) in my 40 years as an audiophile – I have found the Modwright modded Oppo 105 to be truly spectacular!

I hope this helps a little.