Are Sound Waves Able To Penetrate Canvas Painting?

I am planning to use canvas material to cover up some absorption panels. Will this be a feasible idea? Will the surface of canvas able to let the sound waves penetrate through effectively, or will it totally reflect the sound off the surface? I know that an acoustically transparent fabric is the best(I already have them at side walls) but am thinking of some kind of beautiful art at the front wall behind the speakers.

Any opinions or advice would be most appreciated.
I have been using canvas art to tweak first reflections for many years. It does seem to do "something" beneficial. As to whether it is good in absolute terms, I'm not sure. But I can tell the imaging is not as good without the paintings, and that is good enough for me. Not to mention they look great.

Fabric has to be open weave to work. I wish canvas could work since WAF would be way much less a concern.

Thanks for the response Arthur. That is all I need to hear. By the way, I guess you didn't place any absorption panels behind the canvas art?
Didn't see that coming. Yes Luis, I do know that the fabric needs to be open-weave. I was somehow hoping that a small portion of the sound waves might still be able to pass through the canvas, further absorbed by the panels.
How about hanging rugs, tapestries or quilts instead of the canvas? Canvas may be OK, but I would think that once they are painted and the paint dries hard, you are just going to have a somewhat reflective surface in front of your acoustic material.

You may also be about to hang some attractive curtain rods and a could of nice ceiling to floor length curtains that match your decor.