Are Sound Waves Able To Penetrate Canvas Painting?

I am planning to use canvas material to cover up some absorption panels. Will this be a feasible idea? Will the surface of canvas able to let the sound waves penetrate through effectively, or will it totally reflect the sound off the surface? I know that an acoustically transparent fabric is the best(I already have them at side walls) but am thinking of some kind of beautiful art at the front wall behind the speakers.

Any opinions or advice would be most appreciated.
Ryder, it is both feasible & beneficial to place absorbtion material behind the canvas, i have experimented to confirm this.

After reading the previous posts something came to mind...

In brief : we all know how difficult it is to keep sound from sneaking out from our rooms through openings....
Maybe we can use this to our benefit here.
Consider installing the sound panels in the wall and "float" in front of them the paintings leaving an opening. Chances are that the sound will sneak to the absorbing panel and maybe you can get something closer to the panel alone than directly covered with the canvas. What are your thoughts about this?

I get your idea about leaving an opening between the absorption panels and the canvas painting. The painting cannot be framed in this case and furthermore the gap between the wall and painting may sacrifice aesthetics. Also, I am not too sure if the sound is able to sneak into the panels effectively as the opening/gap needs to be quite large. I'll see how it goes. Thanks for the thought.