Are Talon speakers really this great?

I've talked to a lot of people and dealers on-line and have yet to find anyone who has actually heard the Talon Audio speakers who isn't raving about them. Are they really that Great?
I know I am a dealer.... so my comments may be discounted... so, I'll keep it short... Are Talon Speakers really this great? Yeah.....
I second delve audio on that one. I have heard them on several occasions and they are absolutely the most stunning speakers I have ever heard. Stop asking what others think and just go give them a listen (not meant in a mean way). I would love to hear what you think.
I own the Khorus's They have the fastest, most tonal, articulate bass I have ever heard The soundstage is deep and wide with precise imaging You would be hard pressed to find better The only speaker I have heard that rivals the performance of the Talon's are the Von Schweikert VR 6's
Only a sucker would spend $4500 for a 2 way mini-monitor or $12,000 for a 2 way floorstander.
Absolutely!!! I have the Khite as a center channel.. They are set as large speakers in my homw theater and handle bass down to 25hz with no problem. Voices and female vocals are real with no coloration. Excellent soundstage and reproduction of all musical instruments. Highly recommended.
Dearle, I'm sorry, but a 6.5 inch woofer can't handle bass down to 25 Hz worth a damn. Maybe in a parallel universe where the laws of physics don't apply.
Obviously Phill, I would ask if you have heard either one from Talon and I certainly don't think the question was your opinion of suckers
Acuujim, That's right...shoot the messenger. "There's a sucker born every minute."
Phill, Iam certainly relieved that you are the determining factor in the "sucker criteria". I just wish that you so called messengers would be more informed and have less zeal for saving us from ouselves. If you have such a calling I am sure Ralph Nader needs help with his campaign.
Acuujim, Aren't you the same guy who's always touting that Resolution Audio junk?
That certainly would be me. My question again is what does that have to do with the original post here.
if these folks have willingly spent their money, and are *still* happy after their purchases, they may be many things, but *sucker* ain't one-o-them. check your dictionary, phill. ewe may not agree w/their taste or their judgments about value for money re: speakers, but that does *not* mean they're suckers.
Why would anyone buy a speaker named after a zipper? Before I bought speakers, I auditioned the Khite. First of all, I think this term is highly offensive to the Jewish people. Second of all, I didn't like the way it sounded. I'm sorry but a tiny woofer only makes drum solos sound real if the musician was playing a toy drum. I purchased the Silverline Sonatas, because (i) I like the way they sound, once broken in, and (ii) I got a really good deal on some brand new units given the impending new model (due to a lawsuit from Avalon, Silverline had to redesign the Sonatina and Sonata). These are truly exceptional speakers, not like those zipper speakers, philosophically akin to what I like to hear, including near perfect time and phase coherence due to the use (partial) of first order crossovers and a sloped baffle, virtual full range (I suspect the 20-20,000 Hz spec is a little bit optimistic, but I can tell you get good sub 30Hz in the right room, effortless midrange, a "balanced" sound (no extreme defects or compromises) and, yes, very high efficiency (unbelievable combination, lets see how satisfied I will be long-term!) Does it make sense to spend all that money on Talon speakers? Sure it does! If you're a jackass!
Why so bitter Tubgroover? Why have you decided to go off topic and engage in personal attacks? I understand that you are not happy with your speakers but why blame me. You were the one who decided that images the size of peashooters sounded "real" to you. That's not my fault I just call them like I see them and I see that your speakers are not very good. If that threatens you go get some help.
To the contrary Joe I am not bitter I know you call it like you see it, I like that. I am just curious. I saw a similarity in style and taste with old Phill and thought you two might share a tad more in common than meets the eye. Am I being cynical? Don't get sore Joe, I don't like that.
I do not appreciate your attempts to defame me and will take the appropriate steps with the proper authorities to make sure this does not happen. There is no doubt that you have some sort of personal issues here which may have legal issues to them. If I do not get an apology from you within the next 24 hours, I will step up these measures. You decide if it is worth it to you.
Oh Joe you are sore, I just can't figure out why. Is it something I said? If so I didn't mean to upset you so. What gave you the impression that I would try to defame you. If you are as threatened as you seem maybe YOU should get some help. Just a suggestion, don't take it the wrong way.
hey joe - 1st ewe say:"...Does it make sense to spend all that money on Talon speakers? Sure it does! If you're a jackass!" then, very next post, ewe say:"..Why so bitter Tubgroover? Why have you decided to go off topic and engage in personal attacks?..." calling someone a jackass cuz they wanna spend their money on something *ewe* don't like, is a personal attack, imho... does nothing to enlighten *anyone* about the sound of audio products.
Gosh, Joecoherent makes the Silverline Sonatas sound so appealing. I wonder if he's referring to the now discontinued Avalon rip-off version or the new retro-Wharedale sand-filled model.
Khrys I think Joe has the Avalon look alike, not the redesigned new version. Read his post above. Will
Joe, if you don't stop making trouble, I'm gonna tell your warden to let big bubba into your cell for a while....
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