Are the KEF Blade/Blade 2 Metas a Significant Upgrade from Blade?

I’ve enjoyed my KEF Blade 2 for over 5 years. Just wondering if anyone has compared the Blade/2 Metas to the original and how significant an upgrade in sound observed. With 65 yo ears improving on excellent is not always a sure thing. Thanks so much!


@steve59 I can save up for that crazy KRELL since I have a KRELL Duo 175XD available for the short term for the Blade 2. I tested this amp with my prior harder to drive Thiel CS3.7 and it was excellent. 

I would normally never consider such an amp expenditure since there are many other great choices at much lower cost. However, the KRELL 175XD is pretty fantastic and so I will be giving the KSA 400i a good look. The biggest drawback for me is the 25-iinch depth of the casework. I think that is a deal breaker with the wife.

I do think sanity will prevail and I will most likely buy the CODA #16 for the Blades and return the KRELL 175XD to my office system.

@jn Thanks.I heard those amps with maybe Wilson. It was a dealer system that had 4 subs stacked on top of each other. Rather nuts.

Thank you all for your most helpful comments! 
I am thoroughly enjoying my original KEF Blade 2s driven by my Coda 16.0. Can’t really justify spending the additional funds on the new Metas or the time in selling my like new originals. My 66 yo hearing, which has seen/heard better days, may or may not fully appreciate the upgrade. Still interested though!

@audiobrian What are you using along with the CODA#16? That is really a great amp. I have the CODA 07x preamp too, but I would use my Benchmark LA4 preamp with any future CODA #16. I loved the LA4 preamp + CODA #8 (now sold).

Hi yyzsantabarbara:

I have been using VAC preamplifiers for 20 years and my Signature IIa mates  beautifully with the Coda 16.0, making a great amplifier even better! I truly have no interest in trying other preamplifiers as all my VACs have mated great with SS and tube amplifiers. Highly recommend any and all models from the Renaissance V on up. All the best!