Are the KEF Blade/Blade 2 Metas a Significant Upgrade from Blade?

I’ve enjoyed my KEF Blade 2 for over 5 years. Just wondering if anyone has compared the Blade/2 Metas to the original and how significant an upgrade in sound observed. With 65 yo ears improving on excellent is not always a sure thing. Thanks so much!


I noticed in a very recent Stereophile review of Blade 2 Meta that the reviewer did not address a sonic comparison with the original Blade 2, which won component of the year 2015. Curious, as this would be of significant interest. Do you think this omission might have been a favor to the manufacturer, rather than saying Blade 2 Meta is a mildly improved version?


I just read the review in Stereophile.  He concluded that it was the best speaker he had heard in his room.  I also wondered about comparison to the original, but he clearly hadn’t heard the original Blade 2. So, I don’t think it was a favor to KEF.

I haven’t heard the new version yet, but have heard the original Blade and Blade 2 and  I own the Reference 3s.  The original Blade 2 was/is very, very good. Will there be an improvement?

KEF appears to be one of the few companies that actually back up their efforts and claims with published research -they have engineering resources that most do not. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they always produce a better product than others, but you can look online to see what KEF accomplished in the Blade 2 Meta vs. the original. It’s fully discussed and supported with published data. Given the already very high performance bar, any improvement is notable. Regardless, I would need to hear them before drawing any conclusions.

I don’t have room for the Blade 2.  But, I have a couple of systems and am quite interested in the Reference 1 Meta for a smaller room and am hoping to audition it soon.


Hi mgrif104:

Thank you for your response! I know that KEF is one of the finest loudspeaker companies ever and supports its work with exhaustive documentation. I own the Blade 2 and love them. I was just hoping for a word or two about the sonic improvements. (I know of the technical improvements). Thanks again!!

I decided to upgrade my 2012 LS50 with a new LS50 META. I recently found my LS50 lacking after I got my RAAL VM-1a headphone amp paired with the SR1a headphones. The descriptions of the Meta sound was what made me make the switch. My SR1 has more clarity and transparency over the LS50. The Meta is supposed to be improved in those areas, so that will be great if true. It is on order now.

The Blade Meta should also have similar improvements (+ more) compared to the LS50. I decided to be an all-KEF 2-channel household with the LS50 Meta, KC62, and the Blade 2 Meta in the near future.


I just read the Stereophile review.

Now I know hi-brow music is what most reviewers use to evaluate audio equipment. But I honestly could not relate to the music that Kal used.

Can't he find some Rock Music? I mean with only 2-6" woofers and such a low sensitivity and impedance it would have been interesting how they performed. Especially given that they are $29,000.