Are the KEF Blade/Blade 2 Metas a Significant Upgrade from Blade?

I’ve enjoyed my KEF Blade 2 for over 5 years. Just wondering if anyone has compared the Blade/2 Metas to the original and how significant an upgrade in sound observed. With 65 yo ears improving on excellent is not always a sure thing. Thanks so much!


All 4 woofers are indeed active. Like I said, not comparing the Metas to the loudspeaker of the year 2015 (Blade 2) was a significant oversight and would have been a logical comparison and valuable to many.

Well thanks for that clarification. It sure sounded like the reviewer claimed there was only 2 active woofers.


What are you guys referring to as passive and active woofers? I am assuming active meaning that there is a built-in amp to drive them. In the case, of the Blades there is no internal amp to drive the woofers, so passive.

In the case of the Baby Blades (LS60) the 4 woofers are active with a built-in Class D amp to drive the woofers.