Are the online zines killing print mags in audio?

There seem to be more and more onliners and the printers are down to what, two? Stereophile and the Absolute Sound. (Not counting Bound for Sound which you can't get on the newstands). On line ('Gon) certainly killed classified ads in the print mags. I wonder if the mags themselves are doomed. What do you think?
All print medium suffers across the board, Newsprint, Magazines are all sinking.
I think you need to give the audio mags a good bit if the credit for their own doom. If audiophiles felt they were a reliable source of honest information the mags might still be doing well.
Well, Jeff_jones, you may have a point. But certainly the online zines are even less credible.
The print magazines are killing themselves, imo. Trying to hard to appease "everyone".