Are the online zines killing print mags in audio?

There seem to be more and more onliners and the printers are down to what, two? Stereophile and the Absolute Sound. (Not counting Bound for Sound which you can't get on the newstands). On line ('Gon) certainly killed classified ads in the print mags. I wonder if the mags themselves are doomed. What do you think?
The print magazines are killing themselves, imo. Trying to hard to appease "everyone".
Yes, the online audio sites are killing the mags. Without good circulation numbers an advertiser will pull out and spend money elsewhere. This will kill a magazine in the long term.

A better way for getting good information is direct from the manufacturer. They need to put up better web sites and start creating better dealer networks so that people can audition their equipment rather than read about them in magazines swayed by ad dollars.

Joining audio clubs is one way to hear more gear. I've heard more mega buck equipment this way than at any store where salesmen are sometimes snobs and only want to help you if you are buying mega buck equipment.

Dazzdax, we ARE going to read books from our laptops. Within 5 years, I am betting everything will be either a pdf or an mp3.
the tendency is for US manufacturers to sell overseas as a greater percent of their revenue, than domestically.

there are more companies going direct now than 10 years ago.
the zines go as the hobbies this case, they get smaller.....on lines are started by geeks who just want to play with stuff, with no cost.