Are the Paradigm Founders 100F a big upgrade over 85F's

I am thinking of upgrading my 85F's and 55C. I briefly heard the 100F's and was impressed. Has anyone upgraded from the Prestige to the Founders? I am interested in the comparison


We are long time Paradigm dealers yes the founders series is a huge improvement over the 85s. 


the founders have a cleaner treble with less splashy high end the midrange is smoother and the drivers integrate better,

the founders image better andhave a tighter low end as well

in particular the 100s are the sweat spot of the line


Dave and Troy

Audio intellect NJ

paradigm persona and founders dealer


@audiotroy if it was just up to me I would do it. My wife thinks our system with the 85F’s and 55Cis amazing. She is going to have to hear a big difference to agree. Thank you for your comment 

she isn’t wrong the 85s can sound amazing if matched with the right gear the founders are definitely a large step up in the areas we indicated

I hope you update us on your wife's comments after a side by side comparison. I know I lose some objectivity over the excitement when it comes to upgrades. Inclusion is incredibly worthwhile and can make all the difference going forward.

All the best.