Are Their any Tube Preamp with Home Theater Bypass?

Does anyone have experience with a decent tube based preamp with a home theater bypass feature?


new with proper features is wisest of course.

you need the AVR to control the volume of all speakers.

HT Bypass is an INPUT, the AVR controls volume of all channels together, sending front l and r into the HT Bypass INPUT., using your stereo amp for those, and using it's own amps for center, surrounds, and sub out.

Older tube preamps: tape loops or processor loops would allow the AVR to control the volume, and you select 'tape monitor' or 'processor' for that input.

processor out to avr, avr back to processor in.

tape out to avr, avr to tape in/monitor.

then you do the channel adjustments in the AVR menu.

@kota1 BAT (Balanced Audio Technology) also has the HT Bypass function which can be selected to be used on any of the inputs.  As stated above, you can select Unity Gain so the processor controls volume for all channels and the 2-channel preamp is simply a pass-through function.  I have a BAT preamp as part of a very substantial 2-channel system.  I also have a Marantz pre/pro and 7-channel power amp that are on a separate AC circuit from my dedicated 20-amp circuit for the 2-channel system.  I only use home theater about twice per month.  But when I do this system design allows me to utilize the main 2-channel power amp and my main speakers as part of the home theater total system.  This design and setup has zero impact on the 2-channel system.  The home theater components are completely separated from the 2-channel system, on their own circuit, and remain powered off most of the time anyway.  Should you have any question I welcome a Private Message.

McIntosh C12000, C2700 and C8 all have HT pass thru. I own the C2700 and use the HT pass thru with my Anthem surround processor.

@bjp9738 , I am looking at the Mac MB50 streamer/preamp and the tips I got for a workaround from @carlsbad ​​​​@audiotroy have me thinking this will fit my needs. I am really intrigued by the Mac brand and am already using the DTS Play-Fi system the MB50 uses around the house. What do you think?

The Nagra Jazz (and maybe other Nagras) have bypass.

The preamp does not need to be powered on as it moves relays over to the bypass when shut off.

It seems to sound ok too,