Are Their any Tube Preamp with Home Theater Bypass?

Does anyone have experience with a decent tube based preamp with a home theater bypass feature?


The Nagra Jazz (and maybe other Nagras) have bypass.

The preamp does not need to be powered on as it moves relays over to the bypass when shut off.

It seems to sound ok too,


Thank you to everyone who posted. I have a lot to shop for now and really appreciate the suggestions. Looking forward to checking each suggestion out and will post about it once it is in my rack. If you look at the system on my profile page you will see I am mainly a multichannel enthusiast but I saw a post about this HT bypass feature and since my multichannel is set I decided to try a really nice two channel pre. I am sure it will be different than what I have now and that is why I asked for some feedback here. 

@kota1 I don’t know a lot about the MB50, but I probably wouldn’t consider it a true preamp, although it does have limited digital and analog inputs. I’m not sure it would be any sonic improvement over your Marantz in 2-channel direct mode.

@kota1    Have in mind that,  Home Theater with tube preamp; means

that the tiubes will be used a lot . Therefore , they will have to be replaced 

quite often