Are Their any Tube Preamp with Home Theater Bypass?

Does anyone have experience with a decent tube based preamp with a home theater bypass feature?


Thanks everyone for your help. There were a few posts that recommended keeping my 2 channel system and home theater separate and it made sense for my setup. I already have a very nice desktop system and that will be the system I go with tubes. The home theater will stay multichannel and if I want to listen in stereo I'll just use the Pure Direct analog mode of my Marantz processor.

Cary Audio SLP-05 with the Ultimate Upgrade plus an unbelievable real Headphone Tube amplifier. Hard to beat.

I currently use a tube preamp with HT bypass for both of my systems. I use the Quicksilver Linestage in my family room. It’s great and I really like it. I also have a Prima Luna EVO 300 in my main system, which I love more for its main purpose as a stereo preamp. The Quicksilver is more convenient for HT because it stays powered off in bypass mode.