Are there any albums you consider perfect?

My daughter gave me an ipod for my birthday and I have been loading music to it slowly. As a perxon who listens to albums start to finish I have been loading albums I consider high quality beginning to end.
Makes me wonder how many perfect albums there are out there. Steely Dan's "Pretzel Logic" is to me perfect. What I mean by perfect is not one sound needs to be added or subtracted to make it better. Funny thing is, "Pretzel Logic" is not my favorite Steely Dan album, but its sound is perfect. I can only come up with a few.
Pink Floyd, "Wish You Were Here"
Tears For Fears, "Songs From The Big Chair"


Hi. I own and really like a good deal of the ones you've listed but IMHO have some flaws. My list isn't necessarily my list of favorite albums. It's just a list of some I considered flawless.
Oohhh a new thread, or should we hijack this one with:

Best Debut Albums, here are my favs:

The Beatles - Please, Please Me

Stone Temple Pilots - Core

Led Zeppelin

Sade - Diamond Life

Nora Jones - Come Away with Me

Steely Dan - Can't Buy a Thrill

Bad Co

Elvis Costello - My Aim is True'

Jet - Get Born (ahh so much promise, then nothing)
Enjoyed the thread.
Many, many great suggestions.
For me, additional "perfect" LPs I did not think I saw listed...

Bruce Springsteen "Darkness on the Edge of Town"
Fairport Convention "Liege & Lief"
Genesis "A Trick of the Tail"
Jethro Tull "Benefit"
Joe Jackson "Night & Day"

Apologies for any of these already mentioned.
Dreamboat Annie,,,,Love that LP,,every song!!!Still have the copy I bought when it came out! I must have been 15 ,And it still sounds great!!!