Are there any budget tubed preamps that stand out

I have a solid state mono block set with only digital source. I run Apogee speakers.
I have looked to Norh, Audio Mirror, and some others and need to be less than $700. Much less if possible.

I have faced the same situation some time back and I went for the Conrad Johnson PV10A at one time and the Audio Research SP9II at another time. I still have both as they have met my expectations and cannot be replaced except with very much more expensive equipment. These preamps have different sound qualities and I interchange them ouce in awhile to enjoy their particular qualities. Then, I also interchange my preamps with a solid state Forte 2 or other preamp, sometime solid state, sometime tube, again for a different but equally satisfying flavor. Isn't this what this hobby if all about? That's why they make vanilla as well as chocolate ice cream.
I will also vote for the Eastern Electric MiniMax Preamp. It is small and elegant. Only three tubes surface mounted. Three inputs. Two outputs. Sits on three feet and sounds like a lot more size and price than what you see on your shelf. Easily a best buy. I'm keeping mine. Your biggest problem will be finding a used one because they are over budget new and smart people don't sell them.
Take a look at the Audio Experience Symphonies Plus. I've owned mine over 4 years and have been very happy with the performance. I believe, new or used, it's well within your price range, and, it's an overachiever.
I've had good experience running an Audible Illusions M3 with a Stratos Extreme. The AI seems to mate well with the Odyssey, providing detail and air while benefitting from the Odyssey's deep bass. You can routinely find an M3 or L-1 if you don't need a phono stage for less than $700 on Agon. Good luck!