Are there any constants in speaker wire designs?

I've been looking at different speaker wires and the different designs and am wondering if anyone has listened to enough different speaker wires to know if there are any constants. Is there any "signature" sound that goes with similar designs? For example, does a four or eight wire braided (think Kimbel) have a particular sound quality compared to a basic two strand wire?

It seems that there should be some similarities amoung cables of similar design. The number of strands, braided vs. straight, gage, etc...

If there wasn't some truth to this it would mean that speaker wire designs are just random configurations.

Any thoughts?
Should I be able to hear a difference between my Monster wires and say a large gage cable from Home Depot? What should I use to do a cheap in home comparison to verify theory for myself?

Whether or not you believe you hear a difference is a different matter than if there really is a discernible difference. (What a mouthful.) Objectively, between these two equally good choices, there won't be a measurable difference. You might consider some high quality spades or banana plugs for a tight, secure connection, but that's about it.
Wire measurables make a difference. Too much capacitance? Too much resistance? Current source amp? Voltage source amp?
skin effect? Doesn't seem to be a player. Copper oxide? If it's a semiconductor it also has properties of a resistor. How THICK is this oxide? How much voltage does it take to bridge this oxide? (dielectric constant?)

Sound basic design will result in proper cables. All else would appear to be window dressing or pseudoscientific wish fulfillment.
Kijanki, what Nordost cable line you are refering to? I know very well Nordost Heimdal IC and Nordost Frey IC, & Nordost middle line SC I can honestly say that your adjectives does not belong to Nordost.

Heimdal, for instance, will give lots of warmth, and bloom to vocals, while Frey blends warmth, transparency, details, and complete sound from top to bottom, while keeping everything mixed with musicality.

Before entering Nordost, i also expected fast, transparent, clinical sound (from Medical equipment company!) but I found the sound I was really searching for , and really was not expecting.

ps.: sibilance and harsh is gone once cables are really broken in.
Mjordans - I was talking about general opinion on the forums and in reviews.

In AVGuide review: I found this statement:

"That Nordost have evolved a distinctive house sound is indisputable. Fast, crisp and loaded with so much treble energy they can make other cables sound distinctly rolled-off, they are not for everybody."

Brightness is often blamed on cables when it really comes from SS gear or speakers but you have to agree with me that "Lean" is the most common word used to describe Nordost cables.