Are there any GOOD Dylan SACD remasters?

Wow, I've bought a few SACD only and HYBRID Bob Dylan remasters, and unfortunately all but Blood On The Tracks has been a let down? Is it that the engineers doing the remaster think they need to make it clearer, and therefore add top end? To me, it would seem you would just issue the same recording, same mix, same levels, on the new medium WITHOUT SCREWING WITH IT?? Isn't getting it in SACD going to give us better sound anyway?

Am I alone in this? Correct me if I'm wrong, the original master tape offers sonic's obscured by conventional CD technology. So an SACD allows us to hear the original master tape more closely to it's actual sound. Where in this process does it say that some rookie comes in and tries to make it sound better?

Jesus! Bob is in his 60's, and even if he was present on the remaster that wouldn't make me happy. All I want is more of what was originally recorded, offered naturally by SACD. It was a good recording to start with, and Bob can't hear as well as he did 25 years ago!

Yeah, some of my favorite later Dylan needs some help, Time Out Of Mind sounds like Bob is singing through a meggaphone frequently, extremely nasal vocals, and not even well recorded to begin with in my opinion. No remaster is gonna solve this. So how does the SACD HYBRID sound? Tom
I think all of them are good in comparison to the original CD's however I'm a music fan not an Audiophile.

As for the startling news that Dylan sounds nasal-really?
Here's my original thoughts on the series.
I tend to agree Tom, many of the songs soung unnaturally altered & Blood is the best I've heard all the way through. Half the tracks on Nashville Skyline are good and a couple from Blond on Blond. I actually prefer the remastered Greatest Hits disc's.
Correct me if I'm wrong, the original master tape offers sonic's obscured by conventional CD technology.

OK, you're wrong. The "problem" isn't CD technology; the "problem" is they're using a different master, and you don't like that master as much as the old one. Oher people like the new versions better. To each his own.
From what reference recording of yours are they a letdown? I am curious because I think the SACD re-issues are, for the most part, very good. If your reference recordings are original vinyl pressings, then the SACD probably is a letdown. I didn't have many Dylan LPs at all, so I was replacing CD issues of his catalog, and the SACDs are vastly superior to the CDs of the same material.