Are there any tube amps that don't give off any---

I have a very small dedicated listening room, and so I was wondering IF there are any tube amps..I guess hybrid or all tube ( although more all tube)- that simply give off NO heat or very very little heat after full warm up. Since the climate seems to be getting hotter, it would be nice to have the benefits of a tube amp with no heat whatsoever. ( is this even possible?). 
Running AC isn't my preferred way of listening in a small room, so this question is now on my mind. I do not want to consider Class D solid state I know they are an option from a heat perspective...but just tubes.
Just dawned on my that you are the Fender Guy...

Good luck with your search.

Like others have said, Carver. I own one and you can touch the tubes it’s so cool. My new MacIntosh MAC 275 is similar it runs very cool. Make sure that you get generation six
Try a hybrid.  Tube front end but solid state power amp.  Small preamp tubes don't produce much heat and I find the combination very pleasing and less expensive.  
If you are actually one of the very few serious contributors here, punch a small hole in the wall and put the amps in the next room.  Nobody says they HAVE to be here or there.