Are there other people like me ? Amazed by their low cost system :)

Are there other people so much amazed by a relatively low cost system , they consider that is not a stopgap but instead a minimally satisfying ectasy... Each day i am amazed by my speakers and headphone... Am i deaf? Am i ignorant of high end ? Be assured that i know better system with higher acoustic experience and more refined exist ...

My point is an experienced and felt minimal threshold of acoustic qualities and well done and well realized and well manifested acoustic factors exist for me and are at play, for the price invested; so much so , i consider any upgrade way less tempting and if possible would be more, way more , costlier to appear as a real upgrade in quality... For sure an upgrade of part at low cost unbeknowst to me is possible but i must live with what i have for now but i feel no frustration at all. 😊

Am i the only one deluded in this way or enlightened in this way ? Pick your choice of word.... 😎


Went through a few posts here and the only conclusion I came to is that you are offended by whatever words others choose.

+1 @milpai  .

It is not wrong... 😊

+2 immatthewj

As i said i had a reactive temper... No one is perfect ... But i dont doubt myself ... And i dont need others opinions about my sound experience in my room ... I just like discussing sincerely and reading others similar experience  ...Especially since my retirement ...

Went through a few posts here and the only conclusion I came to is that you are offended by whatever words others choose.

+1 @milpai .

My thread intention then i hope it is now clear, was only that : a celebration by some of us about our relative successes in the scale ratio S.Q. /low cost, and the pleasurable occasion to read others explanations about this relative success i called : the minimal acoustical satisfaction threshold and level ... 😊

This is also meant to be  an invitation for the beginners to think BEFORE upgrading too prematurely BEFORE trying experiments  or uselessly if they are not in the ideal room condition anyway  ...


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Define "low cost.'Mine, by my reckoning, is high value and reasonable cost;but I couldn't have afforded any more. And it was actually going out on a limb to get what I wanted and that's; with a preamp I've had for 20 years! so my amp was like $1500, speakers something like $3k, CD Player - that  I hardly use anymore but was primary when I bought it 7 years ago or so - $500, streamer $700, cables about $400, stands $500; so about, what, $6600 all-in new? To most people that's A LOT, to others, it's being cheap and doesn't sound good lol. For me, it's nigh on perfect, certainly for the investment.