Are there other people like me ? Amazed by their low cost system :)

Are there other people so much amazed by a relatively low cost system , they consider that is not a stopgap but instead a minimally satisfying ectasy... Each day i am amazed by my speakers and headphone... Am i deaf? Am i ignorant of high end ? Be assured that i know better system with higher acoustic experience and more refined exist ...

My point is an experienced and felt minimal threshold of acoustic qualities and well done and well realized and well manifested acoustic factors exist for me and are at play, for the price invested; so much so , i consider any upgrade way less tempting and if possible would be more, way more , costlier to appear as a real upgrade in quality... For sure an upgrade of part at low cost unbeknowst to me is possible but i must live with what i have for now but i feel no frustration at all. 😊

Am i the only one deluded in this way or enlightened in this way ? Pick your choice of word.... 😎


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...But we must use acoustics basic knowledge  tactic to improve the S.Q.  and some mechanical and electrical controls... Then what we live with is no more a stopgap ...



Chasing the HiFi rabbit takes away from the audiophile experience. I’ve cut back on listening to gear that is the latest/greatest or beyond my grasp and it has allowed me to better enjoy what I have. 

Nope. Some songs hit the mark, even beat out any system at any price, but most are a disappointment as far as full-range audiophile sound quality goes.

With regards to this particular post:

This weekend I had some spare time on my hands so I stopped in one of the local audiophile stores to buy a couple of new albums.  While there, I asked if I could listen to their very best system, in their highest-end listening room.  The system featured over $300,000 in equipment.  The cables in the room cost more than my whole system.  I was prepared for a jaw-dropping example of what I want my system to sound like 10 years from now.   Well..... I listened to three tracks from my very favorite albums that I listen to all the time (songs that I know very, very well).  I was very happy to find that my system at home sounded better than their system which cost 10X as much as mine.  It was not surprising, as I have had similar experiences at three other high-end stores in the area.

It really shows you that sound quality and music room quality is not always directly related to the amount of money spent.  It also shows you that everyone has a different idea of what the "best" sound is, and you can never rely totally on someone else's review of which speaker is best, etc.

My system features almost entirely second-hand equipment that I have purchased over the years.  Each piece was purchased from prior owners who used the equipment very sparingly, so each piece was in like-new condition for about half price.   I have spent hundreds of hours in my room optimizing the exact location of the speakers and adding home-made acoustic treatments that have made a huge improvement to the room's sound quality.

I love this hobby.

Thanks for your interesting testimony...

I love my system. Schiit Raggie2; Reference 3A de Capos; NAD C558 tt with Clearaudio Maestro V2 and a Schiit Mani phono; Oppo 105 and Schiit Gumby DAC; various Acoustic Zen or homemade cables. All bought used except for the Ragnarok. 


This was a "downsize" from my virtual system and I couldn't be happier. I mean, I may upgrade to a better phono stage, but that's about all. 

Total price I paid for all of these is about what I paid for my previous amp - a vaunted Line Magnetic 518ia.