Are these fake?

Seller is in China, looks fake due the price of course... but I know sometimes they can be "fell off the truck" situations. Insight anyone?
Furutech addresses this on its website.  scroll to the bottom.  It says do not buy any of their products on eBay that ship out of China or Hong Kong due to the possibility they are counterfeit.  
I have a FPX outlet I bought last month from VH Audio.  The markings on the front are different and the back does not look at all like what is shown in the picture.  
Look just like the Furutech GTX outlets I installed. But save your pennies for the authorized product. I buy from VHAudio. It will arrive much sooner too.
FURUTECH flags them as cheap POS fakes

“ .... Caution* eBay, Amazon and Rakuten resellers in Japan are not authorized Furutech dealers.

Caution* There have been confirmed cases of counterfeit products (Furutech replicas) being sold out of China and Hong Kong on eBay and Furutech advises against purchasing from either site any “Furutech” labeled product that ships from China or Hong Kong....”

Looks like Millercarbon called it for what it is.... full-stop.