Are Tube Buffers for real or even worth it ?

Currently on one of my set ups I’m running a Carver TFM-35X amp through a Parasound ZPre3 Preamp to some Maggi .7’s.  Being I really prefer a tube sound I was wondering if I picked up a Tube Buffer for a few bucks and ran it from the output of the Parasound preamp to the input of the Carver TFF-35x amp would it tame the carver’s output to more of a warmer tube type sound out of the Maggi’s? Has anyone tried anything like this and been happy with the results? 

The Amp is a beast but just a tad Solid State sounding for my taste but kicks butt none the less. 

Any thoughts? 


The TFM-35 is an amazing sounding amp. I found one on eBay new in the box. Even today, its top end is astoundingly smooth even by today's standards.

I ran it through a Don Sachs preamp wih 6SN7s and it was heaven. Doing that and having a dedicated AC line put in helped bass output a good bit. 

Bass output on these amps is extremely flat. But, in many ways, this is a good thing because speaker position and treatment can fix that without things getting boomy.

As mentioned, no need to get tube buffers. Get the best front end you can afford. 

I tried a couple of those cheap Chinese tube buffers you find on eBay and they were no good.  They were starved plate designs - only about 12 volts or so on the plates and op-amps in the circuit doing the work.  Then I tried a Bellari PA555 tube preamp for only $300.  The single 12AX7 is actually functioning with high plate voltage followed by op-amps for a very low output impedance.  This is not a starved plate design.  Let the trolling begin but I am happy with the tube sound it adds.  

I have a Peachtree Audio Grand Integrated X1 amp driving Joseph Audio Profile speakers. The amp has a built in "Bascomb King"  dual tube buffer. The buffer is switch activated (on or off). It looks cool lit up but I can not perceive any sonic improvement to the music when its switched on.

I personally like the Ifi tube buffer II and you want to try a tube buffer I recommend that you do your own research and decide the amount you want spend and dive in.