Are we all destined to be "womenless" audiophiles?

Hey y'all, I am just curious if there are any women in this hobby? I have had women over who seem to enjoy my system, but I have only met one woman audiophile in the last three years...and she was really into it! It would be great if I could meet a young lady who was into this hobby and make something of it! I get pretty lonely sitting in the sweet-spot all by myself.
Well I think you can still be an audiophile and enjoy other things in life. Most people have hobbies and indulge in them, so whats wrong with this hobby? I have even chilled out considerable myself on the quest for the perfect sound but this hobby will always be a part of me. Anyway only met one lady on Audiogon that actually purchased a piece of gear from me and she called me via the phone number posted in my ad. I have to admit she was very knowledgable. Maybe she was married to an audiophile, who knows.
I have found it a wise policy to consult my wife on major purchases. I find that she is quite accepting of equipment purchases if she understands what the context of the upgrade and also how it will look in the living room. I have gotten her involved in several trips to CES and together we have auditioned our Toshiba RPTV and our Maggie 3.6's. Also, I showed her a selection of turntables and she approved the Linn LP12 that I eventually acquired.
man, just think you have your system tweaked just right,call your buddys over to share the glory,and you walk in the room and your wife is tring some new home depot speaker wire on your stuff,and your 2000.00 speaker wires are in the corner,not me man this is my hobby,dad always said fishing hunting, golf and hifi,never teach them any of it,you will lose out of special alone time,been with same girl long time and got lots of kids,and dads words worked this long
I agree with Honest1. Threads that I've read with women involved, always seem to have guys groping and acting like awkward jr. high boys that don't know what to say but are trying for their attention with stupid jokes that are painful to read.

It's pathetic and scary for women, me thinks. Next time a woman posts, treat her like one of the guys!