are we also coffee connoisseurs? Or wine enthusiasts?

I was thinking when I made my espresso this morning.

But maybe enjoying music (and passionately committing to the rituals and the environment conducive to enjoying music) has more to do with wine? Scotch? Cognac?

or do you ears work best when....?


Jose's Organic Mayan Blend whole beans, ground in a spice grinder and processed in a french press with good filtered water,  Add a little unsweetened Califia coconut milk/ almond milk creamer to smooth it out. When we drink wine prefer a Pinot Noir. Both are mellow tasting not strong, the way we like our music!

Gongfu cha. (Kungfu tea - the Chinese art of tea drinking).

Many of our audio get togethers turned into tea ceremony marathons over the past 20 years... ;) Been infected by a fellow audiophile...  It's absolutely beautiful. I have a modest collection of clay tea pots, about 10 or so. My tea Sifu has an entire wall covered with claypots.... and these are small to tiny pots... each pot dedicated to a single tea. Gongu cha is way stronger than espresso, not for the faint of heart. Cheers! ; 

Well I can't drink regular coffee anymore. Decaf only. But I do enjoy wine. Does anyone think the coffee could be improved by switching out the power cable to the Nespresso? Please, I couldn't resist a joke....

Grislybutter: You are thinking of the Croatian wine master Mike Grgich. He did a huge amount of work (uncredited) putting California wines where they are today.

Croatian reds, b.t.w., can be astonishingly good.