Are You A Disciplined Audiophile?

The issue of whether break-in is real aside for now, when you make a change in your system, such as a new component or cable, do you have the discipline to wait before making any other changes?  I usually mark my calendar for a month and perhaps 2 months and try to change nothing else for that period of time so I can better assess exactly what the new thing is doing. But sometimes it’s difficult to wait. IMO, break in is a real thing, both in the component and the listener, but even if you don’t believe components and cables change after a few days, can you wait at least a month to listen to enough music to adjust your ears to what the new thing brings to the system on its own?  


Wow - another perfectly innocuous topic pulled totally stage left because people didn't bother to read the question and instead twist it to suit their soapbox.

I do think 2 months is a reasonable time. I have way too many sources and different types of music to make a quick decision. It's not usual for me to change something out and be initially unimpressed. Then, 6 weeks later - out of the blue - a new note or nuance to a song or record I know well - or a sensation of being there that i hadn't had before - and I'm satisfied. I got to give it time.

What I am not as good at is NOT noticing a change. Once the time goes by and the component is integrated, it usually stays in. I think your calendar idea is a good one. 

I considered at one point putting together a test set list - maybe 10 songs I would run through after a change. I maybe got to #2 and lost interest.

I come from a relatively large family. 5 kids, 2 parents, had our grandmother with us a few years, the occasional boarder and lots of pets…

Some of these discussions remind me of The Dinner Table at Home. Lots of Opinions/Experiences.

The diversity of opinion may be difficult to accept but is necessary for a fertile environment and growth. Experiences are different. Change is the One Constant in the Universe….

BTW… I kinda agree with everyone here (at different times and subjects). Depends on the exact circumstances. It’s my stereo, my room, my rules…



This discussion is in need of serious discipline if you ask me.

That being said, burn-in can be a real thing. I am currently waiting on a new Snake river AES digital cable which they just custom built for me but it will take an extra 9 days before they can ship it because they do an in house burn-in. That says plenty.