Are You a Swifty?

I am. I think she's great.

And You?


I'm not a fan...but I do respect her talent, and have no issues with her popularity and success...

It’s really sad that these comparisons are emerging here.
Whitney Houston?

How/why would Taylor Swift be compared to each of them?
Her music and vibe is quite different from each of them…

…why would Taylor Swift be compared to these artists….

…oh! Right! Of course! How silly of me!

We’re super sexist and dirt-brained! Of course!
Swift is a woman…and so are those other artists! Of course!
That’s why it makes sense to compare Swift to Aretha, Swift to Madonna and Swift to Beyoncé!
Of course!


Now, Ogg, you’re getting too excited, drag your knuckles back to your cave and take a nap. And watch out for the tar pit.

We apparently only see the “woman” part. So whenever an artist comes along, we go into lizard-brain-mode and only compare her artistry to other artists of the same chromosomal makeup, regardless of how dubious the musical comparison is.


She had a good start in life, her parents named her after James Taylor and he has performed with her.

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