Are You a Swifty?

I am. I think she's great.

And You?


I would have thought this thread would bust into full Jerry Springer. 😁

3.5 million pieces of Vinyl definitely helps the Analogue cause.

Travis Kelce is not an average Tight End.

Any Venue in America would love to bring her untalented ass (sarcasm) to their town.

@wesheadley You say, “She is clearly a talented songwriter…but what she mostly writes about…isn’t very interesting to me.”  
So…she’s simultaneously “not very interesting,” and “clearly a talented songwriter.”  
Now THAT is interesting.


I'm able to appreciate songcraft without always being interested in what the writing is about (and I'm far from literate with Taylor's full catalog). There are many pop artists that I've sampled where I would never buy an album because I just don't like what I've heard at all-- Brittany Spears, Lizza, Kate Perry, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce' all come to mind. A lot of that stuff feels like it came more out of a corporate boardroom than an artist's or a band's imagination.

You have to try new things all the time if you're really into music IMO, or you just silo yourself into a comfortable, but eventually boring and too safe little world. I've been buying a lot of music since I was a small kid. There has always been great music being released, but at present far too much of it is just a weak hack on better stuff, really boing loops and samples based stuff, bad singing coated with equally bad excess auto-tune, lazy writing, lazy of fully absent melody, ect. That's most of today's pop/rock/hip-hop -- yet truly amazing stuff still happens-- just not as frequently as when I was a kid. I think that's pretty obvious to anyone that been listening to the musical and genre arcs of the last 60 years or so.

We live in strange and objectively sad times-- this often triggers waves of intense artistic creativity and shines some light into that darkness-- so I never give up on music despite the dullness, narcissism, and laziness of what tends to make the charts today.

I tried to listen but I can't.  Just not my thing.  But more power to her for doing what she does and the success she has achieved. 

A singer will never influence me politically. I will never make decision based on the opinions of thespians, musicians, or the talking heads in the MSM. I am a free thinker with deductive reasoning and critical thinking skills.

No I am not a swifty nor will I ever be.

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