Are You a Swifty?

I am. I think she's great.

And You?


Thank you, @tylermunns (aka Trog), for contributing two more cents and further enhancing your own troll status. You certainly know how to type a lot of words and say nothing.

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@immatthewj  Read my multiple posts here on this thread, and then read yours.  
See if you can figure out which of the two things is “conversation,” and which is “trolling.”  
You said I was “trolling.”  
It takes one to know one.
Have you ever heard the psychologist term, “projection”?  
Look into it.

@tylermunns , you are a legend in your own mind. Now go type another five thousand or so meaningless words that say nothing and that nobody cares about.


"Taylor Swift’s music and her cynical exploitation of the American’s need for vapid pablum."

 This kind of wrinkles me. I mean, I'm no Swift apologist or celebrator, but that quote above just reeks of cultural gatekeeping -- as if you feel that you are somehow better and more astute than millions upon millions of musical appreciators in this country. It's on par with those in this community who feel that rap is not music.

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