Are You a Swifty?

I am. I think she's great.

And You?


@simao I said the music was vapid. If you want to take that personally and take it as though I'm saying YOU are vapid, I have no control over that, that's on you.

I watch "Farting Preacher" videos on YouTube very often.  
Is that "shallow" enough for you?

It seems odd to me that you would describe as "boring" the hypothetical person who eschews superficial and shallow things (presumably in favor of exciting/interesting/smart things). I find stupid, trite, cliche-mongering things to be, at best, boring. At worst, a punishing experience.  

Different strokes, I guess.


"Personally, I think if somebody likes it, it's good, even if it's just good for that one person. Can't negate somebody else's experience..."

I appreciate what you're getting at, but do you really, I mean...really believe that?

Cyber-speak can often impart unintended tone and fail to represent tone accurately, so I'm going to emphasize that the above question is sincere, not laced with contempt, sarcasm, condescension or anything like that.  

I'll further clarify the question: lots of people think unspeakable violent acts of cruelty are "good." These people end up in prison.  If they think those things are "good," does it actually make them "good?"


Your musical references are all things that I like a lot. They are all very singular in their sound. So based upon that, here are a few things to try that you might like:

Woods - Strange to Explain
Vetiver - Up on High
Real Estate - Daniel
MGMT - Loss of Life
J Mascis - Elastic Days
Those Unfortunates - Welcome to Woodbury Down
Bryan Ferry -  Mamouna
Steven Wilson - The Harmony Codex
Jonathan Wilson - Rare Birds
The Clientele - Bonfires on the Heath
Waxahatchee - Tigers Blood
Angel Olsen - Forever Means
Tennis - Yours Conditionally 

Hope you get a chance to hear some of these and enjoy them as much as I do.

@tylermunns - Hi! Oh, I took it that your question was sincere, and I do really believe that. Not that I like everything; there's a lot of music I can't stand! 🤣  

These are not violent acts we're talking about here - it's musical taste... 


Thanks for the SECOND list of music suggestions.  You are very kind and generous.

And, yes, these will be added to my playlist.

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