Are you as OCD as this audiophile?

Check this guy out!

I find his videos hilarious as he is so passionate.  I'm interested and curious in all that he says, and his passion makes me respect him and laugh at times.  So great. 
Keep your suspicion at bay. I’m the OP and I have no connection to Mr OCD’s business or videos. I stumbled across him on YouTube and watched each of his videos. I wanted merely to share what I found with others. 

After all this and “meeting” him here on the forum, I’d love to meet him in person and will keep following the dude. 

What happened in those three deleted posts?
I think Michael Powell embarrassed himself.
Mike has a cable company Verastarr and was also a modder Hot Rod Audio Mods. 
He was a modder. His fadda was a modder. His mudda was a modder. Whoa! His mudda was a modder?! 😛
LOL, dude, you just took the cake, I got nothing.. Bravo ! Friggin Muddah n Faddah..  forgot about Bruddah..

Lord knows why we must address something silly like making a mistake with a word, or the ever looming "hustle" accusation.

Rodmann you nailed it bud.. NEMA code 5-15( in case anyone wants to talk about fact), has a wider neutral blade than the hot. In fact, the Furutech NCF GTX-D duplex receptacles I use are made following code , which provisions for a wider blade at Neutral to keep proper polarity. I am pointing out how silly it is for them to provision for it on the top of the line receptacle, then follow up with a plug that does not have a wider blade on that side. By virtue of the blade being wider, default dictates more surface area on that blade. So the plug I made maximizes every bit of that neutral clamping interface. If you knew how little of your "audiophile" plug blade makes contact inside the duplex receptacle, you may want to invent a better one.  That design was clearly not made by and OCD Audiophile, it was made for TV;s and Vacuum cleaners and blenders and whatnot.. Nema Code 5-20 (20 amp) looks nothing like what was in my hand as its Neutral is rotated 90 degrees so its horizontal.  Why Ive got to explain this in defense is the stupid part of this hobby.

Next, someone else posted this and he was positive and supportive, then I see, as usual in these forums, some other guys that in case they forgot are part of our group of audiophiles, decide to farm for inaccuracy to snuff any good spirit or enthusiasm, and replace with condemnation and accusation. How this seems like the right thing to do for these people is beyond me. So I come in to back my bro up..( Bruddah.. From anudda.. you get it)  Now its conspiracy to do what ? promote my channel ? I post it loud and clear in every one of my advertisements here. This is a website where people sell and talk about HiFi.. God forbid I should offer a possible resource. This website is built for promotoon. Did I mention I did not link my site ?

Next, my story is true. I did in fact accompany the most well known Mark in our industry as his lol, yes, marketing expert and I sat in the boardroom with the CEO of LG Korea. In case you didnt notice I am calling myself out and making fun of my lack of training and college... for your entertainment. Because if you knew me, you would totally think its funny that I was in that boardroom that day.. I am so far from Corporate material its not even funny. That atmosphere makes me sick to my stomach. So the fact that I was where I was with whom I was with pretty much put me at the top level of this Industry for those few days. That is completely ridiculous and funny. I dont know a thing about marketing, I learned to sell from being a peddler. High School was as far as I could take of the institutions, so I traveled..
so yes, I am a scholastic dum dum. Stunad, Stugatts.. If anyone asks,  youcanfugeddaboudit. Im here on passion for the audio arts. Music is my religion. Conceptual design feeds my brain. My products are innovative and copy nobody. I am the living breathing OCD Hi Fi Guy, I say that to make fun of how ridiculous my thought process is when it comes to audio. I have no idea why "good enough" will just not suffice for me. So I created the youtube channel after being pestered by other industry people when they saw the degree to which I tweaked on the "little things" , so the channel is about me , personally. Has nothing to do with my companies. I simply put the video on while I;m doing my regular thing. I do not set these up or script them, I take people along for the ride if they would like to come along. Thats all this is, a regular dude trying to enjoy life like everyone else. This career found me, I am too bad at planning to ever think this out. This is clearly where I am supposed to be.  If you must classify me within the hobby to a smaller pigeonhole. I stand for the hobby of HiFi . I have patience for newbies and reassure them and share what Ive learned. I loathe corporate audio and support the little guy. Ive got no hustle or nothing to hide. I dont sugar coat things and Im direct with communication even if its uncomfortable territory . so yes, a misfit I am. But I can promise you I will create audio products that will make your listening experience easier, better, more fun, etc..

So there ya have it. I'm Mikey to my friends.  Please dont expect much , if any involvement of mine on the forums here. I stepped in to respond and let you know who I am. No Guru, no martyr. More of a smart ass clown. , as in "smart ass" not "ass clown" LOL.

See ya !