Are you bored to tears with the topics lately?

I haven't read a spicy fight here on Audiogon in ages. What happened to you all?
I haven't read a spicy fight here on Audiogon in ages. What happened to you all?

Who the hell are you coming around here telling us we're a bunch o' wimps?!! You wanna make something of it?!!! C'mon...put 'em up..put 'em UP!!

Never's late, I'm win.....

It's all them d@mn 'Submit Now' buttons. After hitting them several hundred times, we've 'Submitted'.
Yes, that is a piece of audio art in the back of my listening room. No, it doesn't make music. I can only surmise that similar ones in other's rooms might. I spoke with the distributor prior to uncrating it and reshaping it into the form shown in the picture. Didn't seem to impact it's ability to recreate sound. I learned a lot about physics puting it together.

Personally, I'm reminded of the movie Wild Wild West and the contraption used as a transportation device. To date, mine seems about as useful. There seems to be a pump reality problem. Perhaps, a Bill reality problem. I need to discuss this with the distributor again.

I also believe that a slight adjustment to the independence of the legs would serve my sense of security a lot. I'll try to convince him to agree.

I find it interesting that you bring up my speed control stand. Yes, it's art. And I thank you for noticing.

No, I haven't decided on a replacement. Perhaps I will.

Frankly, I'm impressed that no one commented on the world's ugliest chair which may also be the world's most comfortable and hold a world class price tag. It does illustrate how out of control I am. I sat in the chair at the showroom. Loved the feel, hated the look and bought it without measuring the height to my ears. STUPID! Now, I'm having a platform eleven inches high made by my cabinetmaker to bring my ears up to the same forty seven inches they were with the world's most uncomfortable but masculinly cool chair, next to the aforementioned world's most ugly chair. GOOD MOVE EICHENGRUN.

Yes, I can conclusively agree that digital is better than analog and digital is better than tubes. Now that I've replaced the Philips transport with the EMM Labs CDSD I have music.

No comment on the music I don't have.

It probably doesn't hurt that I haven't heard vinyl in the room yet, I probably will be screaming that digital sucks when I do.

No, I'm not going to comment on tubes vs solid state. I am envious of the beautiful glow everytime I go to my friend Steve's house and listen to his Tenor 75's.

Now as to antagonisms...
What are you guys thinking, being so polite. I've gone to sleep looking for an adult thread here on A'gon. I thought that you've all died.

I suppose the old hate mail was difficult for the site, but really? If you can't hate the one you're with, what the hell is life for?

I miss you're real thoughts which bring out the mirror to your sick minds. Thank you for being aberrant. I feel at home.

I tried to reach Carl a couple of times kind'a 2 yrs now but one response and then silence....

Think this comes and goes..... I look to tweak my system more and hear more music nowadays... job is getting most of my time and look forwar to a quiter season during the holidays...

Still try to decide which digital source to invest in ...
performance/money/obsolescence keep tormenting my mind..
good ol Pioneer 626 died on me some 2 moths ago...
But sill listening.. Isn't it what really matters???
Perhaps given your system and the ugliness of your chair, you should get yourself a litter, help up by a half dozen politically incorrect virgins to ensure that your ears are at tweeter height. How's that? By the way digital sucks!
Michael Moore is nothing more than an opportunist who capitalized on peoples fears with lies to make himself some money.

Seems like Moore and Dubya are two peas in a pod then!!