Are you getting ridiculous offers from new members

I've been trading here for over 15 years and just recently I am getting stupid offers and comments on my listings from members who are fairly new, have no feedback, no discussions. Trolls
I don’t mind low offers. But some come with scolding lectures on why I should sell at that price. 
I’ve also noticed many items being sold for significantly below asking price. 
I must be unique.  I once posted an ad for some very good speaker cables with a sentence at the end that read something like this:

Approximate quote: "Note to lowballers: GO FOR IT! This is Audiogon and part of the fun is getting stuff cheap!"

I wound up accepting a lowball offer with free shipping and basically ended up giving the item away.  But at least I made a fellow hobbyist happy.  After getting the cables he sent  me a message asking if I had any MORE.  I didn't.  The point is that I see Audiogon primarily as a place to share a fun hobby with internet friends.  I accept the fact that financial gain is way less likely than losing money--for me at least.  But that's OK, up to a point anyway.

"  After getting the cables he sent me a message asking if I had any MORE"

Yea, he might be flipping it on eBay or another site, not surprised he asked for more.