Are you going to buy the Rolling Stones SACDs?

I've preordered a few already. I suspect that the recordings, despite remastering, will be far less than what SACD is capable of reproducing. But it is exciting to see a large block of music from major artists come out in the new format, and that's why I'm buying. What do you think the major labels (especially Sony, that controls vast numbers of recordings AND manufactures SACD equipment) are waiting for? Seems logical to me that getting more software out would speed sales of the electronics and interest more of the general public in the new format. Releasing SACDs would also immediately protect the record companies from copyright infringement, at least until someone manufactures an SACD burner.
Just got my first - "Get Yer Ya Ya's Out".

The difference is considerable even without an SACD player. I've been complaining for years that the Stones catalog needed to be remastered. The prior ABKCO CDs were nearly unlistenable.

In anticipation of my new SACD player, I ordered GYYYO and a number of other (non Stones) titles. I guess I'll add a few more Stones SACDs- I just don't know where to start.
The dust has settled and both SACD and DVD-A are essentially dead. The Stones SACDs do sound excellent.
Wow! Has it been 5 1/2 years since the discs came out? Time does fly (although I thought SACD was a non-starter then).