Are you in the over 30 K club??

I read in Stereophile that their average reader has invested around $33,000 in their home audio system. Wow, thats a load of money. In your observation does this seem accurate? My system consist of Krell, VPI, Dynavector, Audio Physic & Cardas and I put in together here on Audiogon for around $3,500 lightly used.
Are you in over $30,000 club? That's not list prices it's what you actually have paid.
If you did all that for $3500 I need you to shop for me!

The most I ever had in a system was upwards of $50k but now have less than half that.

Guilty as charged, but most of my money was very well spent.
I know of a lot of people who have spent $30K+ on just cables.
On the other hand I also have about $30K in various cartridges that see very little use, but it is most gratifying to take an old friend out of the box every now & then just to catch up.
I believe that if you see something that you want, need & can afford - Get it & ENJOY it!
Life is short & very precious, but the 4 -5 hours a day that I listen to my music & my system is priceless.