Are you in the over 30 K club??

I read in Stereophile that their average reader has invested around $33,000 in their home audio system. Wow, thats a load of money. In your observation does this seem accurate? My system consist of Krell, VPI, Dynavector, Audio Physic & Cardas and I put in together here on Audiogon for around $3,500 lightly used.
Are you in over $30,000 club? That's not list prices it's what you actually have paid.
Guilty as charged, but most of my money was very well spent.
I know of a lot of people who have spent $30K+ on just cables.
On the other hand I also have about $30K in various cartridges that see very little use, but it is most gratifying to take an old friend out of the box every now & then just to catch up.
I believe that if you see something that you want, need & can afford - Get it & ENJOY it!
Life is short & very precious, but the 4 -5 hours a day that I listen to my music & my system is priceless.
I think over time it is reasonable to reach such a "pricey" level of audio luxury...I started out like many people, in my 20s putting together what I could and when I could...then as time moved on, I made more money, traded up and continued to build great systems as my abilities to discern the differences between equipment matured and my own tastes became better defined and refined.

So, yes, now 25 years after I purchased my first pair of "audiophile" speakers, I have a system that is by most standards pretty expensive and well over the $33k average....

A moderate percentage of people just go out and drop a $100K+ on a systems (more when it comes to today's HT setups) simply dependent on whatever gear the dealer they happened upon represents. I know for a fact that such people exist, however how can they not lose out on the benefits of "learning" how to put a system together and you have to question if they were able to ever really develop their own tastes and preferences over years of auditioning equipment, changing out your own stuff and/or borrowing gear from a fellow audio type....

I just think it has been more fun to develop and build my system over a long period of time and I suspect most people on this board would agree.

Just my thoughts, John
the readers poll also suggests no one buys much music, which throws the profiled enthusiast into a very strange hobby of obsession.
If I added the 30,000 dollars for the system I unwittingly bought my ex wife who never listens to it and the 8000 I spent peicing together a system knowingly for myself and the gyro se turntable my daughter bought for me I guess I would be in the club. Oh $%&t I forgot she got my membership too ! Nevermind. Oh well my system now sounds better , the 30,000 dollar system always seemed to have this high pitched annoying buzz emminating from her 80% of the house but not from mine and the kids 20%. Cheers!!!!!!!