Are you in the over 30 K club??

I read in Stereophile that their average reader has invested around $33,000 in their home audio system. Wow, thats a load of money. In your observation does this seem accurate? My system consist of Krell, VPI, Dynavector, Audio Physic & Cardas and I put in together here on Audiogon for around $3,500 lightly used.
Are you in over $30,000 club? That's not list prices it's what you actually have paid.

Yes, over $30K after many years of upgrading. Down from a high of $50K+ a couple of years ago. Still a music lover, with 3K+ LP's and counting.
As they say here in Texas, you don't ask someone how many head of cattle he has. You don't ask him how many acres are in his ranch and you sure don't ask hiim how much his stereo costs.
Right at $30K (almost all purchased lightly used) and about 25% of it is in the closet (rainy day, just in case, but honey I really need an integrated amp, etc.).
30K?... is this the price paid or the retail price of the gear if retail price is paid to replace it??? I try for the 50% of retail on purchases due to the rapid decline in value once gear is used. Sometimes I pay more or retail if needed, but the hobby is only fun if a financial bath is not routinely engaged in. Too often, one bad review and the gear is doomed to sub 50% status. jallen
Now I know why I always felt out of step with Stereophile.

I enjoy my music system just fine but doubt that this hobby could ever deliver 30k of enjoyment. Even though I could afford it I choose not to.