Are you interested in the new generation of "old school" design loudspeakers?


So is Danny Richie of GR Research. Though known for his open baffle loudspeaker and subwoofer designs, as well as narrow baffle sealed loudspeakers, Danny has received in for analysis and possible upgrades a number of the new "old school" design loudspeakers that have been recently introduced by the likes of KLH. Being a good businessman, he obviously realized he could offer his own version of such a design, free of the "problems" he found in those of others.


In this 30 minute video Danny discusses the design of his newest offering: the "Brute". Even if you’re not interested in this specific topic, you may find the video of value in general loudspeaker terms. He has made many other videos, all addressing either a specific topic, or a specific loudspeaker. There are easy to find: Go onto YouTube and do a search for GR Research.


To dispel any suspicions, no, I am in no way affiliated with Danny Richie and/or GR Research, other than being a very satisfied customer.







Very difficult to say, they are very natural and good on vocals, like any system Derek has had a hand in designing. I owned the Spendor S100s in the past which was a descendent from the original BBC LS5/5 and Derek designed, from memory, the LS5/1 do things on a somewhat grander scale, the 15" woofer really does deliver excellent bass and has slam that the bextrene 12" used in the S100 didn't have.

Interestingly enough, I did own a pair of the original KEF made BBC LS5/1AE system and the Graham version has a larger cabinet with the same footprint but 1140mm high as a floor stander instead of the original as an 850mm high stand mount.

The Graham version certainly had similar and familiar traits to the Original LS5/1 but a thoroughly more modern and dynamic presentation.

Graham LS5/1 had a much more coherent stereo presentation and was just as neutral and has bass extension certainly into the low 20s in room.

Kennyc- I own & really enjoy the Volti Audio Rivals. They get out of the way & let the music dynamically flow. Sound great at volume level & if you really enjoy rocking out, very few other reasonably priced speakers that actually sound good come close. 

No, not if the OP means nostalgic or appearance.  I go strictly for performance goals within my budget so follow the latest technology components.  Because this is my first high-end audio system, so I valued "neutral+linear" over "musical" audio chain so I can better evaluate component changes.  



I couldn't agree with this more.

Form should follow function. There are sonic reasons speaker designers moved away from 'shoebox' (or monkey coffin) enclosures.

This sort of 'audio nostalgia' is sort of ridiculous to me. 

And, I can guarantee, every one of these so called 'heritage' type designs, using the same exact drivers, mounted in better engineered enclosures, with modified crossovers to compensate for baffle step loss of the new enclosure, would sound better than these shoebox enclosures. 

Oh yeah, also get rid of that raised edge on the baffle.

In one of Andrew Jones' videos about the release of the new Sourcepoint speakers, he even makes a comment on how he was able to 'almost completely' compensate for the raised edge on the baffles. He even comments on how the raised edge was done for purely marketing purposes, to fit in with the latest retro speaker thing going on.