Are you on or off? What say you?

The HiFi Merry-Go-Round!

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I must have a bit of Magpie in me. I don’t need anything but I’m still attracted to shiny things.

+1 @bigtwin . . . I can relate. Unfortunately, I can no longer afford it, so I am off.

Off. Not looking for the latest best thing anymore. Happy with what I have and don’t want to squander what’s left of our retirement money. Since retiring 6+ years ago, our 100 year old house has been nickel and dimeing my wife and I to the tune of over 45K which we took out of savings. We don’t want to die in debt.

Long ago I found the best way to play the merry go round was to get on every ~ 7 years or so, upgrade to the next level, and get off again enjoying the music. 

I must be “HiFi” curious…in an ascetic sort of way.

My system is a means to an end….enjoying music to its fullest.

life is a law of averages…..except for you and me…