Are you on or off? What say you?

The HiFi Merry-Go-Round!

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Off for now. I have enough different components that I can mix and match when I desire a different sound.

I haven’t purchased any new gear since 2021 so off for now. Retirement is a quandary, more free time but less $$$.

I’m VERY happy with my gear heap, but is buying some new thing from time to time really a merry-go-round? It might just be FUN. I’m waiting on a Schiit Urd cd player I don’t need, but still...I bet it’s going to be fun. Besides, who cares? If you’re worried about some gear addiction issues get therapy...although that might cost as much as a new amp!

i am off for the moment

distracted (in a good way) by other hobbies, friends, holidays -- very happy with the sound of the music through the rig, just listening for pure enjoyment of performances, no gear changes for a while