Are you on or off? What say you?

The HiFi Merry-Go-Round!

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.....letting this eve in contemplation of Lou Reeds' last words prior to leaving us...

 “Take me into the light.” 

Unless something breaks in my system, I'll stick with what I have.  I still own an NYAL Moscde 300 Maxi with mods I purchased in the eighties and a recent discussion with George Kaye about it, I happened to catch him before he left for the evening to perform in his jazz group at a local club.  He's a bass player.

OFF.  As in off-loading. I have way too much gear and LP's. My kids don't want it. My grand-kids don't understand it. So I have to sell it, which is a giant pain in so many ways. My wife asked me (more than once) why do I need 9 turntables, 6 sets of speakers, 8 tuners, etc. Most pieces are "Golden Age" equipment that I spent a great deal of time restoring  to pristine cosmetic and operating condition. I cycle through gear just for fun and usually am listening to my main system in the living room and another in the finished basement. But I've got let the gear go.

I am "on" when I'm awake and off when I'm asleep.

The rest of the time I am ambivalent.