Are you too old to be an audiophile?

DISCLAIMER: This is not meant to be offensive in anyway, just something I've always been curious about and thought it would make for some interesting responses.

One of the things about audiophiles I've always wondered is how they reconcile their age, and the scientific fact that their hearing isn't what it used to be, with their belief they can can hear all the nuances of high end gear, and even the cables. As we age we lose our ability to hear mainly in the higher frequencies. You know that high pitched sound older CRT televisions and some recessed lighting can make? No? Neither do my parents.
could some one define audiophile ?

I'll give it a go from my own perspective. Someone who is interested in enhancing their enjoyment of reproduced music by optimizing the chain of devices and related variables that have an effect on how that music occurs to them.
an older audiophile's high freq hearing loss is compenstated for by their higher hifi IQ.
Audiophile and the quality of LISTENING does not depend entirely on the flat frequency response from 20hz to 20khz.
Plenty of Golden ears have damaged hearing, and can still hear better than most folks with perfect hearing.
Being an Audiophile does not mean HEARING, it means LISTENING.

Excellent statements. Couldn't agree more.

Perhaps we loose something in regards to volume but not in definition, tonal accuracy .


The "nuances of high end gear" do not exist exclusively in frequencies above 14K. Dynamic contrasts exist at all freqs.

Thank you.

Dopogue, Mofimadness well said too!

I wanted to post last (Saturday) night but all I had was my iPod and for whatever reason it wouldn't let me. So I am glad to see some of the opinions posted.

I have always wondered why people always pointed to the higher frequencies where these "nuances" seem to exclusively exist.

How about soundstage height, width, depth? Or bass extension, or subtleties at lower volumes blah, blah, blah?

You get my point.

Humor, correct?:)